Oak Haven 

Pet Cemetery & Crematorium

Professionally assisting pet owners and veterinarians

Providing the dig1nity your forever friend deserves

10950 Northland Dr. Rockford, Mi.  

PH: 616.866.2295

Facts about Cremation ...

We believe that the subject of cremation of a pet can and should be fully explained. For years many misbeliefs and misconceptions have been associated with cremation.

Cremation is simply a hastening of the natural process. This is accomplished in a clean, sanitary and modern facility  returning the body to its original elements. 

After the process is complete, the calcified bone fragments (ashes) or remains are carefully collected, processed and placed in a container. The cremated remains are then returned to you the owner, or your veterinarian.

Why Us? ...

We do not  believe your pet should ever be treated as a commodity, but rather granting them the absolute dignity and respect they deserve. Our standard return vessel is a  uniquely carved wooden box with brass inlay , easily displayed at home or at work, along with a Velvet drawstring embroidered pouch with the words, "Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge".  Definitely not a "decorative tin" used by others,  also you will receive a "certificate of cremation", ensuring those are your pets remains.

Oak Haven believes closure is a very important aspect in the grieving process. That is why we strive to provide you, the pet owner, and Veterinarians with the best possible service that we can deliver  in a most timely manner, returning your Forever Friend  to you.

You see we truly care as we have all experienced the loss of our " Forever Friend", and companion, just as you have, and we realize what that truly means. The services we offer provide an exquisite final dignity for both you, the owner, and your best friend.

Even though we provide our services to many Veterinarians in the surrounding area, we do not service them all.  We will however, retrieve your pet from any facility, just let your Veterinarian know that you would like to use our services, it is your right to choose your service provider.

Of course you may always bring them to our facility, or we can also come to your home.

There is a difference, and we strive to provide you with the understanding and service you would expect.