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We are open 7 days a week to assist you in any way we can.

We offer pick up and return services at your veterinarian by request. We also provide services to many of the facilities in the West Michigan area, just ask your veterinarian to have us pick up your forever friend, or if the need arises, we can come to your home or you may bring them directlyto us. We are here to assist you in any way we can at this time of loss to your family...

Sorry we are unable to offer Equine cremation

Please call us for more information.

Our Return Services ...

Oak Haven believes your "Forever Friends" deserves all the dignity they rightfully have earned by sharing their lives with you.

That is why "WE" will never return your best friend in a "decorative tin", but rather in a beautifully wooden vessel, that you will be at ease to display in any part of your home, or office, along with a velvet drawstring pouch embroidered in gold with the words," Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge".      ( the picture shown may not be the same wooden vessel )

Our exclusive.... for you

For an added memory we offer this exclusive custom paw print created by a local artisan to have as a memorable keepsake.

It is the actual imprint taken from your "Forever Friend", encased in a polished ring setting on a delicate display stand.

As a new offering we are proud to have as an additional keepsake, an Ink print of your pets paw print and nose print.

We also offer fur clippings.

More services and products ...

We do offer a wide variety of Urns and cremains vessels and markers for you to chose from.

Here is a link to our extensive product page:

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